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    First day of school. The day we will all be looking back on

Welcome to the Yearbook Website

All of the highlights of the year are at your fingertips... Enjoy!

July + August

As school rolled around everyone welcomed each other with the excitment for the new year. Many students were thrilled to start up their favorite sports as Football, Volleyball, Cross Country, and Cheer.

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September is recognized by many as Homecoming month, where students can show their spirit and finesse at the activities planned by our very own student council. Not only do students get excited for the dance, but the Homecoming football game is highly anticipated by many at Blue Ridge.

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It is half way through the first semester and Halloween is finally here, the hallways teeming with monsters, witches, ghouls, and zombies on their way to their next classes. It would seem that no matter how old we get, the spirit of Halloween is never lost.

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Playoffs are here! Grab your cleats and don your jerseys because our football and soccer teams are going to shine at their games this month. Whether or not you have friends on the teams, come out and support them anyway! The support is always appreciated.

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With the end of the semester, and Christmas Break, in mind, students prepare themselves for their midterm exams by studying and rushing to turn in the rest of their assignments. The harder they work now, the more they will be able to relax later. No one wants to do homework over Christmas Break!

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As the second semester rolls in, so does the dreaded “Senioritis”. Though the year is almost over, seniors, and the underclassmen as well, need to keep graduation in mind and stay on task, otherwise that day they thought they would be a part of may actually slip through their fingers.

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Love is in the air as Valentine’s Day rolls around once again and red balloons, teddy bears, and boxes of chocolates flood the halls. Track, wrestling, and gold continue their seasons while the rest of the students at Blue Ridge continue to work hard on their schoolwork.

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The “Out of Africa” MORP theme this year was definitely a hit, and Prom is said to have been one of the best that Student Council has ever planned.

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With only one more month of school left, teachers are constantly reminding students to finish strong, especially the seniors. Though they are ready to be out in the real world, this is the worst time to start slacking on their classwork. Hopefully the underclassmen finish strong as well, since it will determining whether or not they move to the next grade!

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