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Assignment Description Rubric and Details
HTML Review Create account on Code Academy and complete the Intro to HTML course Completion rade
CSS Review Complete the Learn CSS course on Code Academy Completion grade
Company layout Create a layout for a company website.

Wireframe Grading
Storyboard Grading
Prototype Grading

Mobile Create a responsive layout that changes when viewed on mobile devices.  
Company website Create a website that loads the page content from an SQL database.
Add Users Create a form to add users that will be allowed to edit site content. View a flowchart of the process. View flowchart symbols.


User Login Require users to log in priot to editing site content.

SELECT, Sessions, require(), header(), mysqli_num_rows()

Videos: Session Values


Create online forms that allow users to update the site content.


Videos: Select Page, Edit Page, Update Page

TinyMCE Editor

Integrate a user friendly editor for individuals who don't know HTML

Documentation for TinyMCE

Project Navajo County Site - User edit flowchart, Website Flowchart