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Assignment Description Rubric and Details
Company layout Create a layout for a company website.

Wireframe Grading
Storyboard Grading
Prototype Grading

Mobile Create a responsive layout that changes when viewed on mobile devices.  
Company website Create a website that loads the page content from an SQL database.
Add Users Create a form to add users that will be allowed to edit site content. View a flowchart of the process. View flowchart symbols.


User Login Require users to log in priot to editing site content.

SELECT, Sessions, require(), header(), mysqli_num_rows()

Videos: Session Values


Create online forms that allow users to update the site content.


Videos: Select Page, Edit Page, Update Page

TinyMCE Editor

Integrate a user friendly editor for individuals who don't know HTML

Documentation for TinyMCE

Project Navajo County Site - User edit flowchart, Website Flowchart