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  1. Create a new layout for a site about a particular topic that is visually appealing and includes the following:
    • Banner, background color, formatted font, use of <div> tags to create content "boxes", images, meaningful text
    • Use CSS for the layout
  2. Write a JQuery program to create drop-down menus.
  3. Create categories of links related to the site topic. For example, a site about a particular sport could have the following main menu items with sub-menu items below:
    • History > Creation, Early Years, Current Years
    • Training > Speed, Technique, Strength, Endurance
    • Competition > Strategy, Formats, Rules, Scoring
    • Organizations > List of organizations involved with the sport.
  4. Create a link to the assignment on your home page.
  5. Create a link on the assignment page that goes back to your home page.
  6. Validate your form and display page.