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Here are some portfolios to give you some ideas: themeforest, themify, elegantthemes


  1. Find a website online you would like to model your site after. Show it to Mr. Fogle for approval.
  2. Decide what pages (storyboard) you will have in your site. You need at least four pages for this site. If you are unsure of the content of your site, please check with Mr. Fogle
  3. On a blank sheet of paper, draw a layout for your page.
  4. Label the width, height, name (id or div), and any special formatting for each "box".
  5. Any images you use from non-Clipart sites must have a reference (link on the image or under it).
  6. Save all files you create in a folder called "layout" in your "assignments" folder.
  7. Use an external style sheet to "create" the boxes. Avoid using internal or local stylesheet unless you clear it with Mr. Fogle.
  8. Once you have created a layout, make 4 copies of the page that you will use for the other pages on your site. In other words, All pages will have the same layout.
  9. Give each page a unique title.
  10. Create a link in your Assignments table on your index page to this assignment.
  11. Validate all of your pages using the W3C validator.
  12. Check all spelling and grammar.