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  1. Create a new folder in your "assignments" folder for this assignment called "about".
  2. Create a website about yourself that should include the following pages:
    • An introductory page that contains links to the other pages you create
    • A minimum of three new pages (four total and not from a previous assignment) that contain information about yourself. You might consider including your hobbies, favorite sports, movies, music groups, plans after high school, etc... If you are not sure what to include ask Mr. Fogle.
  3. You Must include the following CSS properties:
    • Color (format text color)
    • Background-color or background-image
    • Text-align
    • Font-family
  4. Give each page a unique title.
  5. Use Photoshop® to create an image banner (or heading) to be used as a heading on each page.
  6. Include a photo and video that you capture on a camera or mobile device. Use an online converter, if needed.
  7. You are NOT allowed to use local or inline styles (located within a tag or in the head section) for this assignment unless cleared by Mr. Fogle! In other words, you can only use an external style sheet.
  8. Check all spelling and grammar, as always.
  9. Validate all of your pages using the W3C validator.
  10. Create a link on your index page within your assignments table that links to your "About Me" assignment. Also, create a link on the "About Me" home page back to your index page.