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Assignment Description and Prerequisite Lessons Rubric and Details
Homepage Create a home page for your website containing a title, heading, background, colored text, table, and an image.

Intro to HTML, Headings, Tables, Images, Links
Grading Rubric
Questions Answer questions about yourself and create a link to a different page that provides and explains your answer.

Tags, Basic Tags, Formatting Text, Lists, Images, Links, Colors
Grading Rubric
About Me Use external Cascading Style Sheets to format multiple web pages.

CSS, Properties of CSS, Fonts, Image Links
Grading Rubric

Create a website with a common layout design.
Practice files - GForce Layout

Grading Rubric
Forms Create a contact/order form for a real or fictitious company.

Grading Rubric
Madlib Use a from to create a Madlib story. Grading Rubric
Calculator Create an online calculator using PHP. Grading Rubric
Blog Create a personal blog that stores entries in a database Grading Rubric
Image Rotator

Use Javascript to cycle through a series of images on a page.

Grading Rubric
Drop Down Menu

Use JQuery to create a drop-down menu.

Grading Rubric