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In order to travel to our relative's house, we must call our relatives and let them know we are coming. If your parent says, "Call your Uncle Joe," that won't mean much unless you know the phone number. If you don't even have the number, you might have to call information to get one.

Internet protocol (IP) address work very much like a phone number. Every website on the Internet has an IP address. The IP address for the site is To get to the site you can either type in or The http stands for hyper text transfer protocol and www stands for world wide web. Domain names (, in our case) are connected to IP addresses via domain name servers (DNS). The DNS is like telephone information services. If we know an IP address, we won't have to use the DNS. If we only know the domain name, then we will.

With every domain, you can have subdomains. It's kind of like having extra phones in a house, but all of them share the same line. Subdomains might looking like They are essentially folders within a main folder.