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What is HTML?

How to start an HTML document

  1. Open a text or HTML editor (Notepad, Notepad++, or Dreamweaver)
  2. Create a folder in My Documents as Web1. Within that folder, create another folder called practice.
  3. Type in the following text:

    <title>Title of page</title>
    This is my first homepage.

  4. Save the file as "mypage.html" in your practice folder
  5. Open your Internet browser and go to File > Open > Browse and find the file you just created ("mypage.html"), select it, and click open, then OK. Your browser will then display your webpage.

Example Explained

The first tag in your HTML document is <html>. This tag tells your browser that this is the start of an HTML document. The last tag in your document is </html>. This tag tells your browser that this is the end of the HTML document.

The text between the <head> tag and the </head> tag is header information. Header information is not displayed in the browser window.

The text between the <title> tags is the title of your document. The title is displayed in your browser's caption (at the top of the window).

The text between the <body> tags is the text that will be displayed in your browser.

Frequently Asked Questions

After I have edited an HTML file, I cannot view the result in my browser. Why?

Make sure that you have saved the file with a proper name and extension like "c:\mypage.html". Also make sure that you use the same name when you open the file in your browser.

I have tried to edit an HTML file but the changes don't show in the browser. Why?

The browser caches your pages so it doesn't have to read the same page twice. When you have changed a page, the browser doesn't know that. Use the browser's refresh/reload button to force the browser to read the edited page.