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HTML defines a lot of elements for formatting text, such as making it bold or italic.

Text Formatting Tags

Tag Description
<b> Defines bold text
<em> Defines emphasized text
<i> Defines italic text
<small> Defines small text
<strong> Defines strong text
<sub> Defines a subscript
<sup> Defines a superscript

Text Formatting
This example demonstrates how you can format text in an HTML document.

Preformatted Text
This example demonstrates how you can control the line breaks and spaces with the pre tag.

How to view a website's code

How to View HTML Source Have you ever seen a Web page and wondered "How do they do that?"
To find out, simply click on the VIEW option in your browsers toolbar and select SOURCE or PAGE SOURCE. This will open a window that shows you the actual HTML of the page. You can also save the page as an HTML file, open the file in Dreamweaver, and examine the graphic images on the page.