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Section Description
RobotC and Game Exam Test over basic RobotC concepts and Turning Point game.
Basics Getting started - Building the bot and getting it moving
Movement Programming your robot to move forward, drive straight, and turn autonomously
Encoders Using encoders to keep track of distance
Joystick Programming and customizing your robot for joystick control.
Gearing Changing the gearing to increase the speed or torque of your robot.
Buttons Programming and customizing your robot to use the controller buttons.
Functions Using functions to simply and reduce your coding
Rangefinder Using the rangefinder to calculate the distance from an object
Line Tracker Using the line tracker
Gyroscopes Using gyroscopes to determine the robot orientation
LCD Display Using the VEX LCD display
Competition Documentation on the current competition
Resources Helpful pages for VEX (forum, Youtube, etc.)
Robot C Download for the RobotC program