Precision Manufacturing

Battlebots (NRL)
Useful Sites
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Site Description
Belt legnth calculator Calculate the legnth of your belts
Weapon Spinner Spreadsheet Spreadsheet for calculation the required torque and speed for a spinning weapon.
Requistion Spreadsheet for completing and submitting a requisition

Part Suppliers

Site Description
Grainger Miscellaneous parts (mechanical, electrical, pneumatic, etc.)
Enco Tools, metals, and parts
Online Metals Metals and plastics
Robotmarketplace Robotic parts
Tower Hobbies R/C parts, motors, etc.
Hobby King R/C parts, motors, etc.
Global Industrial Timing pulleys

Useful sites

Site Description
Battlebot Forum Message forum for asking questions, getting ideas, etc.
State Comp Photos from 2011 state competition
Winter Comp Photos from the 2011 winter competition at Mesa HS




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