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Pen and Holder Examples:

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Lesson Video
Parts of the Lathe Names of the parts of the lathe - Handout (pdf)
Lathe Tool Lathe tool geometry for right hand tool
Grinding a Tool Grinding a right hand tool

Inserting a Tool

How to insert a tool

Center a Rod

Inserting and centering a rod in the chuck
Turning Basics Cutting (or turning) material on a lathe
Filing Use a file on a lathe
Drilling Drilling (or boring) out the inside of a rod
Cutoff Using a cutoff tool to separate a rod
Dies Using a die to cut threads on a rod


Lesson Video
1 Parts of the Mill - Handout (PDF)
2 Parts of Bridgeport Mill
3 Inserting a Tool
4 Cutting Tools
5 Cutting Speed and RPM
6 Machinist Calculator
7 Milling Direction (Conventional vs Climbing)
8 Squaring the Vise
9 Squaring a Block
10 Using Edge Finder
11 Center finder (using a DRO)
12 Mounting stock at an angle to cut a chamfer
12 Drilling at an angle
13 Tapping a hole