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Nursing Assisting

Upon successful completion, this course will qualify the candidate for the State Nurse Assistant Registry Status. Students will receive extensive instruction, theory, classroom training, and internship training at local health care facilities.

ASSET/COMPASS/ACT Test Minimum Scores:

  • Reading-36, 65, 14
  • Writing-Please take test
  • Math-Please take test

General Prerequisites:

  • Cluster class Agriculture & Health Services must be prepared to pay for state exam and uniform.
  • One credit in Applied Biological Systems or Biology.
  • Must be prepared for alternate schedules to address clinical hours per state board.

Credits Students will receive:

  • EMT 101 - CPR & First Aid - 1 NPC Credit
  • NAT 101 - Nursing Assistant - 5 NPC Credits
  • HES 170 - Medical Terminology - 3 NPC Credits

Periods that the class will meet:

  • Both classes will be taught at NPC during periods 1 and 2, 8:00 to 11:00 am Monday through Friday for one semester.
  • Transportation will pick up students in front of Blue Ridge High School at 7:30 am. The van will then pick up students at NPC at 11:00 am and return to Blue Ridge High School by 11:25am.

Designed to comply with federal and state guidelines (OBRA) in that all nursing assistants will receive minimum training and experience in providing nursing care. At the completion of the course with a 75% accuracy, the student is eligible to test for state certification. Basic review of word roots, combining forms, prefixes, and suffixes needed for building an effective verbal written bio-medical vocabulary.

Costs for the program:

  • Student will be responsible for the cost of their own uniform.
  • At the completion of the Nurse Assistant classes, students can choose to take a certification test. The cost of the exam is $120.00. Students must be 18 years old to work as a Nurse Assistant in the state of Arizona.
  • The NAVIT program will pay the tuition and fees for the classes.
  • NPC will provide the text and stethoscope. Each student will be responsible for the care and the return of their textbooks and stethoscope.
  • Blue Ridge High School is providing transportation to and from the College.


  • Absence for High School activities will have to be pre-approved by NPC Instructor.
  • More than three absences will put students at risk for no college credit. This includes a possible loss of tuition for the next semester.

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