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The NAVIT/ NPC Automotive Technician program is a two-year sequence of courses designed to prepare our students for the competency exams in the following eight ASE Certifications: Brake Systems, Electrical & Electronic Systems, Engine Performance, Suspension & Steering, Automatic Transmission & Transaxle, Engine Repair, Heating & Air Conditioning, Manual Drive Train & Axles. Completion of this program will allow students to not only sit for exams, but one year of the required two-year internship will be waived.

ASSET/COMPASS/ACT Test Minimum Scores:

  • Reading - 36 65 14
  • Writing - Please Take Test
  • Math - Please Take Test

General Prerequisites:

  • Transportation and Logistics II
  • NCCER Core

Suggested Courses:

  • Technical Math

Credits Students will receive:

Semester 1
Course NameCourse No.No. of Credits
Safety and Hazardous MaterialsATO 1032
Electrical/Electronic Systems IATO 2073
Electrical/Electronic Systems IIATO 2083
Electrical/Electronic Systems IIIATO 2093

Semester 2
Course NameCourse No.No. of Credits
Engine Repair IATO 1073
Engine Repair IIATO 1082
Engine Performance IATO 1093
Engine Performance IIATO 1103

Semester 3
Course NameCourse No.No. of Credits
Engine Performance IIIATO 1113
Automatic Transmission Systems IATO 1123
Automatic Transmission Systems IIATO 1133
Suspension and Steering Systems ATO 2054

Semester 4
Course NameCourse No.No. of Credits
Brake Systems IATO 1143
Brake Systems IIATO 1153
Heating and Air Conditioning Systems ATO 2104
Manual Drive Train and AxlesATO 2124

Periods that the class will meet:

  • Classes will be taught at NPC during periods 1 and 2, 8:00 to 11:00 am Monday through Friday.
  • Transportation will pick up students in front of Blue Ridge High School at 7:30 am. The van will then pick up students at NPC at 11:00 am and return to Blue Ridge High School by 11:25am.

Costs for the program:

  • Student will be responsible for the cost of his or her own uniform
  • The NAVIT program will pay the tuition and fee for the classes.
  • NPC and NAVIT will provide the text.


  • Absence for High School activities will have to be pre-approved by NPC Instructor.
  • More than three absences will put students at risk for no college credit. This includes a possible loss of tuition for the next semester.

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