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Heavy Equipment Operation

The Heavy Equipment Program is designed to teach incremental levels of heavy equipment operations skills which enable students to achieve nationally recognized certification (NCCER) Level 1 & 2 Entry Level Heavy Equipment and Level 3&4, Intermediate Heavy Equipment and Advanced Heavy Equipment that certifies at least 30 hours of operation time with a particular piece of equipment. Each certificate level is acknowledged by industry markets as proof of acquired skills in various forms of heavy equipment operation, safety, daily inspection, proper start up and shut down procedures, operations, career opportunities and professional work ethics. This prepares students for certification tests in the use of heavy equipment operations for equipment such as dozer, backhoe, skid-steer, roller, forklift, crane, dump truck and motor grader. In addition to national heavy equipment certifications, students are afforded the opportunity to obtain Certificates of Proficiency, a Certificate of Applied Science and an Associate of Applied Science Degree. Certification levels from Northland Pioneer College enhance career opportunities for graduates as certified Heavy Equipment Operation throughout the nation.

ASSET/COMPASS/ACT Test Minimum Scores:

  • Reading - 36 65 14
  • Writing - Please Take Test
  • Math - Please Take Test

General Prerequisites:

  • NCCER Core Curriculum

Suggested Courses:

  • Construction & Manufacturing Technology Cluster
  • Technical Math
  • Introduction to Construction and Management

Credits Students will receive:

Semester 1
Course NameCourse No.No. of Credits
Preventative MaintenanceDIE 2252
Basic Surveying and Grade StakingCET 1214
Heavy Equip Operator Skills Dev LabHEO 100A2

Semester 2
Course NameCourse No.No. of Credits
SoilsAGB 2214
Heavy Equip Operator Skills Dev LabHEO 100B3

Semester 3
Course NameCourse No.No. of Credits
Heavy Equipment Operator IHEO 1215
Heavy Equip Operator Skills Dev LabHEO 100C2

Semester 4
Course NameCourse No.No. of Credits
Construction and Mining EquipmentCET 1253
Heavy Equip Operator Skills Dev LabHEO 100D4

Periods that the class will meet:

  • Classes will be taught at NPC Silver Creek Campus Monday thru Friday.
  • Transportation will pick up students in front of Blue Ridge High School at 6:40 am.

Costs for the program:

  • Student will be responsible for the cost of their own uniform.
  • The NAVIT program will pay the tuition and fees for the classes.


  • Absence for High School activities will have to be pre-approved by NPC Instructor.
  • More than three absences will put students at risk for no college credit. This includes a possible loss of tuition for the next semester.

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