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Fire Science

The Fire Science program, through cooperation with the State Fire Marshal's Office and the fire departments throughout the district, trains fire department personnel in fire fighting operations and in the use of equipment. Employment areas related to firefighting include fire inspectors, arson investigation, fire prevention specialists, insurance investigators, hazardous materials specialists, business/industry fire protection system engineer, and others. The firefighter is an indispensable asset to the small and rural communities within the district. Those persons seeking career opportunities should understand that a greater number of jobs exist in all metropolitan and suburban areas of the state as well as the nation. College credits can be used towards a Certificate of Applied Science or an Associate of Applied Science Degree.

ASSET/COMPASS Test Minimum Scores:

  • Reading - 42 71
  • Writing - 42 82
  • Math - Please take test

General Prerequisites:

  • Must have fire department recommendation and must pass physical endurance performance test.
  • Must be prepared to participate in occasional Saturday tacticals.

Suggested Courses:

  • Human Services & Public Safety Cluster
  • Algebra II
  • Chemistry
  • Physics

Credits Students will receive:

Semester 1
Course NameCourse No.No. of Credits
Firefighter Orientation and TerminologyFRS 1002
Fire PreventionFRS 1152
Respiratory Protection for the Fire ScienceFRS 1162
Intro to Fire Service Forcible EntryFRS 1171
Intro to Hose, Testing, Streams, and NozzlesFRS 1182
Incident Command SystemFRS 1301
Vehicle FirefightingFRS 1311
Fire Behavior and Detection SystemsFRS 1331
Firefighter Fitness & ConditioningFRS 1992
Service LearningFRS 1991

Semester 2
Course NameCourse No.No. of Credits
Firefighter Health & SafetyFRS 1062
Confined SpaceFRS 1131
Intro to Fire Pumps and ApparatusFRS 1192
Intro to Ventilation and LaddersFRS 1222
Intro to Extinguishers and Foam SuppressionFRS 1231
Intro to Fire Service Ropes and KnotsFRS 1241
Intro to Water Supply and Hydrant TestingFRS 1252
Firefighter Fitness and ConditioningFRS 1992
Service LearningFRS 1991

Semester 3
Course NameCourse No.No. of Credits
Firefighter Strategies and TacticsFRS 1082
Incident Safety OfficerFRS 1142
Emergency Vehicle DrivingFRS 1201
Emergency Stabilization and ExtricationFRS 1211
Rapid Intervention CrewsFRS 1341
Firefighter Report WritingFRS 1402
Basic Wild land FirefighterFRS 1502
Firefighter Fitness and ConditioningFRS 1992
Service LearningFRS 1991

Semester 4
Course NameCourse No.No. of Credits
Fire Service First ResponderFRS 1022
Firefighter I & IIFRS 10410
Hazardous Materials First ResponderFRS 1102
Firefighter Fitness and ConditioningFRS 1992

Periods that the class will meet:

  • Classes will be taught at NPC during periods 1 and 2, 8:00 to 11:00 am Monday thru Friday.
  • Transportation will pick up students in front of Blue Ridge High School at 7:30 am. The van will then pick up students at NPC at 11:00 am and return to Blue Ridge High School by 11:25am

Costs for the program:

  • The NAVIT program will pay the tuition and fee for the classes.
  • NPC and NAVIT will provide the text.


  • Absence for High School activities will have to be pre-approved by NPC Instructor.
  • More than three absences will put students at risk for no college credit. This includes a possible loss of tuition for the next semester.

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