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Upon successful completion, this program prepares students to enter Elementary Education professions. The program provides continuing education opportunities for advancement beyond entry level positions into possible positions as elementary teachers. Student skills needed will be: Speaking simply and clearly in public, reading multiple instructions and other resources to gather and discern information, writing simple grammatically correct reports and directions/instructions and work orders.

ASSET/COMPASS/ACT Test Minimum Scores:

  • Reading - 42 82 18
  • Writing - 42 71 18
  • Math - 42 46 21

Suggested Courses:

  • Education & Training Cluster
  • Algebra II
  • Advanced Science Course
  • English I & 2
  • All sophomore graduation requirements need to be complete

Credits Students will receive:

Semester 1
Course NameCourse No.No. of Credits
U.S. History to 1877HIS 1053
World Geography (Counts as a Lab Science)GEO 1114
Intro to EducationEDU 2003
College Composition IENL 1013

Semester 2
Course NameCourse No.No. of Credits
Intro to Computer ScienceCIS 1003
Intro to PsychologyPSY 1013
College Composition IIENL 1023
College AlgebraMAT 1523
Intro to Special EducationEDU 2223

Semester 3
Course NameCourse No.No. of Credits
Math for Elementary Ed Teachers IMAT 1613
Diversity in EducationEDU 2203
Children's LiteratureEDU 271
Introduction to GeologyGLG 101

Semester 4
Course NameCourse No.No. of Credits
Intro to Computer ScienceCIS 1003
American GovernmentPOS 1103
Intro to PhilosophyPHL 1053
Math for Elementary Ed Teachers IIMAT 1623
Managing the Learning EnvironmentEDU 2763

Periods that the class will meet:

  • Classes will be taught at NPC during periods 1 and 2, 8:00 to 11:00 am Monday thru Friday.
  • Transportation will pick up students in front of Blue Ridge High School at 7:30 am. The van will then pick up students at NPC at 11:00 am and return to Blue Ridge High School by 11:25am

Costs for the program:

  • The NAVIT program will pay the tuition and fee for the classes.
  • NPC and NAVIT will provide the text.


  • Absence for High School activities will have to be pre-approved by NPC Instructor.
  • More than three absences will put students at risk for no college credit. This includes a possible loss of tuition for the next semester.

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