Data from National Educational Longitudinal has shown a positive correlation between computer use and student achievement in mathematics (Weaver, 2000). Interactive computer applications such as Geometer’s Sketchpad can broaden and enhance students’ understanding of mathematics by offering visualization tools that provide dynamic representations of concepts that allow the students to interact and manipulate objects (Ozel, Yetkiner, & Capraro, 2008). Remedial mathematics applications such as MasterMaths, combined with traditional teacher instruction, can lead to improved understanding of mathematics. A significant correlation has been shown between the amount of time that learners spent on the software and improvements in mathematics performance (Louw, Muller, & Tredoux, 2008).


Link Description
Geometer's Sketchpad 60-day free evaluation version of Geometer's Sketchpad.
Sketchpad Activities Examples algebra and geometry activities that can be used with Geometer's Sketchpad.
Winplot This a terrific free graphing program. It can graph in both two- and three-dimensions, and can even create revoluationary and cross-sectional solids for calculus.


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