Graphing calculators offer numerous tools for students to use that promote deeper conceptual understanding of mathematics by exposing students to multiple representations of concepts. Furthermore, graphing calculators increase students’ higher order thinking skills, improve student motivation, and provide students and teachers comprehensive methods to investigate, explore and discover mathematical concepts (Ozel, Yetkiner, & Capraro, 2008). Research has shown that spending more time using graphing calculators for algebra courses leads to higher end-of-course exam scores. However, the research also recommends having occasional periods of not using the calculator to ensure students do not become too dependent upon them (Heller, Curtis, Jaffe, & Verboncoeur, 2005). It is important for the teacher to become experienced with calculators in order to understand their capabilities and limitations. Programs and applications can be transferred from a computer to the calculator, as well as from one calculator to another.


Link Description
Emulators Virutal TI Graphing Calculator Emulators (82, 83, 83+, 85, 86, 89, 92, 92+) - Extract to a folder and run VTI file. Note: Only programs, and not applications, can be loaded onto the emulator.
Activities & Lesson Plans Activities and lesson plans using calculators according to subject and subtopic. Great source for graphing calculator programs and other resources. Search file archives if looking for calculator programs. Files are also sorted by calculator.
TI Apps Applications available to install on graphing calculators.
TI Archive Archived programs from TI. Do not contain descriptions of the programs. The link above offers descriptions, screenshots, etc., of the programs.
TI connect Software for connecting your computer to your calculator. Must have the appropriate cable.
TI Calculators List of Texas Instruments graphing calculators currently available
CBL Items are still available for the original CBL: Applications, Lesson Plans, and Sensors. Note: You can click on a sensor and then view lesson plans available to use with it.
Guidebooks Guidebooks for TI graphing calculators

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