Step 4 - Monitoring the Investments

Now that you have purchased the stocks, you now need to monitor them to be watching for signs of change. You must also pay attention to current events related to your company and analyze trends in the stock. The following are sites that provide much of that information

Investopedia- This is also a great site to read more about some of the various indicators available. You can do a search on any term you come across to obtain more information.


The following sites allow you to type in a company's ticker code and obtain an up-to-date summary report, including financial information, news events, etc.

MSN Moneycentral - Can obtain a company report by entering the ticker code.

Morningstar - Can obtain a company report by entering the ticker code.


Monitor your stocks also involves watching the stock market as a whole. The following sites provide information on the overall performance of the market:

Bigcharts Index Performance - Monitors the performance of the major US indexes, which give insight on the overall status of the stock market.

Morningstar - Provides a market summary.

Newsletters - You can have information about the stock market sent to your email address.