The Blue Ridge bible club operates within the guidelines set fourth in Federal Education Law under its Equal Access provisions. The club is very loosely structured but has a president, vice-president, and a secretary/treasurer. Membership requires only an interest in the purpose of the Club, occasional attendance and annual due of $1.00. The Club meets –at least- every Friday in room 710, but on occasion might meet elsewhere, or more often. The faculty advisor at present is Mr. Clay Stidham. The purposes of the Club include (but are not limited to):

  1. Building up one another’s faith in Jesus Christ; as defined in traditional, orthodox Christianity;
  2. Studying the Bible, including traditional Christian commentaries;
  3. Praying for one another, and for our school
  4. Exerting a positive moral influence on campus;
  5. Promoting a general spiritual awakening in our school and community;
  6. Attending youth rallies and functions as a group;
  7. Networking with similar groups on other campuses.
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